Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cheers and Tears for America

*** This is not a review ***

Book: Cheers and Tears for America
Author: Uthers Say
Amazon Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Cheers-Tears-America-Broken-ebook/dp/B0093GEDM8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1350996509&sr=8-2&keywords=cheers+and+tears+for+america

I was sent this book to review, and though I disagree with many of its conclusions, and feel like there is a little one-sidedness to it all, it is still a well-written book and worthy of reading.

The book is a nice, unique take on American news and how we are (possibly) being brainwashed by Fox News. Part of my conspiracy-theory-driven-mind agrees with this, while the logical side does question a little bit, since the book doesn't always provide a lot of solid, peer-reviewed sources. And there is very little criticism of other news channels, e.g., CNN, which is available worldwide. Or even the arabic-language channels (because they aren't biased, are they?)

Now, I'm not going to give away much of what it discusses, since the beauty is in discovery. And, I must admit it was also a little "guilty" read, since I enjoy it at times when folks spout off and lambaste the right wing. But then my right brain takes over and I'm forced to admit that it's all pretty biased.

"Media is being swallowed up by a handful of multinational corporations." -- This is the scary part and it is true. It doesn't only apply to media, but to corporations as well. The world is shrinking, but so is power, and that is very frightening. Even the Internet is a target--it almost makes you wonder if what we are "allowed" to see is really all that is out there. There goes my conspiracy theory brain.

I would suggest you get this if you are interested in current events, politics, and alternatives to Fox News. Just keep in mind that it is a little one-sided. The writing is great and the author can spin a good tale.