Friday, September 7, 2012

Galactic Fat

Author: HC Turk
Description: In the near future, Robar Drill awakens from a chemical torpor to learn that he is not the average pizza boy he appears, but a former wino whose life has been commandeered by The Federal Government. During the years in which Robar's senses were nulled, The Government surgically transformed him into a metaman with enormous powers, the only person capable of saving Earth from an alien race bent on harvesting human cellulite.....
This one is a toughie. The book starts off in staccato form—very short, fast sentences. Usually this is verboten, but then Turk’s style levels out and the story begins.
But what it is about?
I guess that is bizarro. When the reader is not really sure what is going on, or what strange world we are going to be transported to.
The book does seem to ramble at times and drag through scenes. While I like the effective repetition of words and beginnings of phrases, there could be a lot of extra “stuff” cut out which would not hurt the overall flow of the story.
So, I went back and re-read this as I would most bizarro: In bits and pieces. By taking breaks from the story, I was able to enjoy it more and really get a good dose of the utterly twisted and perverse. And then it was back to Endurance.
Not everyone likes to read that way, and I’m not really suggesting it. What it gets down to is your stomach for this type of thing. People who love bizarro will enjoy this and have no issues, while others on the fence may struggle with it. Just hang in there and keep it going with other stuff, and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion... this is an excellent work of strange fiction.
Three stars because it’s really good, but it sometimes drags. Still, recommended.
I was given a copy of this for review.

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