Monday, August 25, 2014

This is Absolutely Disgusting!

I put my review hiatus on hold just to talk about this giant sizzling pile of fetid waste.

Well... I thought it was going t be a pile of turds until I actually read it.

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I like bizarro westerns; especially those that feature some damned hot smoking boots. This one? Well, this was a wild ride through some very strange plots and subplots. Bridezillas. Cthulhu. Spiders. A classic love story of sexy girl likes the simple-minded idiot man-child; while the two Neanderthals try to rape him and take her away. We've got a Rambo-like hero in Brad Belden, who actually has a heart himself, but refuses to acknowledge his own inner demons.

All in all the characters are fun. The story is fast. It's short.

Try it out if you like mental torture.

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