Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Odd Adventures of the Five Food Groups

Author: Casey Audelo
Description: "Foodville, a land so odd it rivals any in our human world. Normally everything goes about the same but one day a wet titian is awaken. Shroom, a mushroom to those who don't know it well, is the last hope for the town of Foodville. If he can overcome sex, delicious alcohol, and his own awesome selfish nature then maybe this land where foods live and play can be saved."
Review: Rainpeople and Weird Food
Another interesting entry in the bizarre humor realm. For much of this book, I felt like I was reading a cross between bizarro and a children's book... OK, it read much like a kid's book most of the way. Because of the subject matter, this little feature did not bother me too much, nor did it take away from the story. And what a strange, bizarre little story it is. Well, not little, it's kind of long, actually.
This needs a good edit. I know there is an editor listed, but that just confuses me, given the mistakes in here... There is a good deal of trimming that could be done in phrases/paragraphs, that would not take away from the overall story. However, there are quite a few flubs and mistakes, a lot of dialogue that doesn't really flow or connect, and some of the scenes are quite clunky in how they are described I know we are talking about a bizarre world here, but that doesn't let you off the hook for readability and flow.
It is a very interesting concept in a cute and funny world. Personally I didn't really like the story, but I don't knock stars off for personal taste. The ranking is based on the quality of the work, its structure, plot, flow, etc. And this just needs a good going-over to make it shine.
2.7 stars

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