Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Earworm Inception

Author: Jon Konrath
“Listen to long conversation about last week’s UFO sightings, theories on Vincent Price. Robots. Fiber. Victory.”
-- Jon Konrath. The Earworm Inception (Kindle Location 82). Paragraph Line Books.
You had me at Vincent Price. OK, you had me at “Sleep Has No Master.” Yes!
Sleep Has No Master is awesome, but I actually belly-laughed at points during this book. The stories are punchy, quick and seriously bizarre. Amazing work. This is a short review because a lot of my points about Sleep are valid for this book.
The story “Nancy Grace....” is both funny and an indictment on our current high-fructose-corn-syrup-coated food supply, mindless movies and television, and our crappy world in general.
And of course, the theme of heavy metal pervades. King Diamond? Sheesh, haven’t listened to his stuff in years (still can’t stand the falsetto, but album covers are awesome).
One reviewer mentioned that Konrath was good at telling these stories with a straight face. That is indeed a great way of saying—it’s so darned serious and then POW. Bloody face. Love it. If you like funny, bizarre, bizarro, or even period baroque instruments, this collection is for you.

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