Friday, June 15, 2012

Closing My Eyes Helps Me to See Clearly

Author: Kipp Poe Speicher
Description: "A Nightmare vision of the end of the world and for a limited time a bonus short story Gas For Grass and a sneak peak at my two novels "I Thought You Tasted Like Rain" and "The Other Side"
These two short stories will twist and torment your mind as you unravel the paradox within them. A desperate dash to save a life, realizing one’s own fate, and a man mentally snapping at life’s issues: these stories dive into the dark side and may keep you up at night.
A race for life, a beautiful butterfly, and inevitable suffering accepted as beauty, Closing My Eyes is written from 3 angles, all from descriptive visions lurking inside Speicher. Gas for Grass will make you question sanity, as you find odd enjoyment in the insanity behind one man’s plight for quiet."
Review: Excuse me, but why was this tagged bizarro? It's not funny at all. There's a matter of taste and there is tasteless. Perhaps it is because I have kids, but the first scene nearly drove me to turn the Kindle off and delete the file. But now, I plowed on. After all, I need to make sure my personal taste does not cloud the review.
Not sure I like that word used in the second story, either, though it is first person. Again, taste, so we'll just back off slightly.
Now, to the writing/editing/proofing. Sure, this was edited. Fine. Editors are even listed in the title, so we'll believe that. But were they looking for plot holes, clichés, poor understanding of the language? (red and blue lights don't "ascend", did you mean, their glow began to fill the room; the plaintive wail of the sirens echoed in his head. Heck even that's cliché... still.) It needs some proofing. Well, and a lot more.
Falls to three stars on taste, then plummets with the problems listed above. Many reviewers have said as much as I have, so I won't repeat the valid points. But the author is encouraged to keep on writing, practicing, get some beta readers, etc.
Oh, and how did it get to #35 in Nonfiction -> Philosophy? Huh?
1 star.

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