Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doom Magnetic

Author: William Pauley III
Description: Chorizo, Nevada is full of dusty streets, gritty men and filthy women - the perfect place for a man chock-full of secrets to hide. But one fateful day, his past catches up to him...
A Japanese assassin with a cue-ball eye, who goes by the name of Qoser, invades the town with an army of two-foot eyeless minions who have a taste for human blood. He has two things on his mind – Where is his purple television? And who is the dead man that stole it from him?
DOOM MAGNETIC! is a fast-paced sci-fi/western space opera packed full of sex, violence, cosmic voids, vortexes, Coliseum-style combat, genetically-engineered mutant giants, breathy brain whispers, and cigar smoke torture chambers.
Review: At first, the writing style of this book got to me. I know these are hick characters, in a hick town. Yet the writing style sure matches the atmosphere of the place, and as the story progressed, it suddenly became transparent and I didn't even notice. Well, until it all changed... but that's what makes it great.
Try to keep up, kids, this is some super-fine bizarro.
I did notice, however, the giant—holy crap, bugs!
Sorry, where was I?
While this story does not come out and throw naked pink unicorns riding Harley's along a road made of lettuce and titanium, it still takes out a massive chunk of Crazy and smacks you upside the head.
It's a short, fast, wonderful read. Perhaps a little too short, but then you don't want to have to force things to a certain length. You get the picture quickly and are off to the races. Somebody zap me with the cliché-zapper. Thank you. After all, it is celebrity that matters, isn't it. So who cares? Right. But, the main point I'm trying to make is this: This is a fun, fast, and perfectly written for the genre. Read it. Read it now. And be careful who you shoot in a barroom massacre. 
OK, I'm off to make some chorizo and eggs. The corn tortillas are warm if you'd like to come over... or not, yes, better not. Stay home. You're safe from the Doom Magnetic at home.
Aren't you?
3.9 stars
Additional Info: The text was not justified on the Kindle version. Not a lot of space/breaks between chapters. If this bothers you, feel free to step into the Doom Magnetic.

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