Friday, June 1, 2012

Fill the Grand Canyon and Live Forever

Author: Andersen Prunty
Description: "Social networks can be used for a number of things such as finding out what friends and family members are up to, trying to get girls to take their clothes off on camera, raising awareness, and organizing protests, revolutions, and relief efforts. But what if one man decided to use a social network for one of the most idiotic causes in human history? Join the hopeless and brain damaged Andy Boring in his quest to FILL THE GRAND CANYON AND LIVE FOREVER!!!!" (From
Review: Now this is bizarro! Modern, edgy, crusty stuff. It's like punk rock, grunge metal and Frank Sinatra all in one messy little ball. Then add some Fear and Loathing, Seinfeld, and Twin Peaks (the movie), stir with a melon-baller—and there you have it. Maybe. Though this really stands on its own in its wonderful, strung-out, and deliciously madcap glory.
I like brownies, too.
Wild rides with geriatrics, wives (maybe) and their lovers with sores, a lost man, and of course the Grand Canyon. Why are you looking at me? Do you think I'm fat? I like it like that... so what was I talking about?
Oh yeah, this book. Yeah, er, hand me those flares, will you?
Prunty is one hell of a writer and he captures the genre perfectly. While this is his only work I 've read so far, it is terrific, and it has me looking for more wonderful works from this guy. First I have to move this busted-up cheerleader... there, OK. I have sparks for eyes.
Do I really need to say more? This is great stuff and I really enjoyed reading it. Fast-paced with cool pictures between the chapters, and no fillers. MacGruber! Where's my throat? Damn, this is good, so good I need to take a bath in rose petals and cashmere-coated peanuts.
A solid 4.377832 stars.
Additional Info: This review was NOT solicited. I am completely guilty of finding this item and reviewing it all by myself. Estelle would be proud.
It also has some graphic scenes ("love" scenes, k?), but then again, it's bizarro, so you should be OK with that and not let it distract you from—hey, the creeping Charlie is getting worse. Just set the lawn on fire. I'll bring the gas.

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