Monday, June 25, 2012

Scarce Resources

Author: Brendan Detzner
Description: A collection of strange short stories.
There have been a few short story collections that have come my way and I really enjoy them because they provide a nice break to a longer novel. In this collection, we have a bunch of very interesting, very quick, readable, and VERY strange stories.
And, because this is a collection of stories, many of which have appeared in other publications over the years, one gets to observe how a writer's style has changed over time... in a good way. (Although I'm not sure if these are all placed in chronological order of publication. There are a few clues that indicate otherwise, but nothing to detract from the overall quality.)
Some stories feel a little short, while "Music for Scalpel and Piano" is micro-fiction on the head of a pin. I think even "Another Saturday Night" could be drawn out a little more.
I really, really, really like the explanations of the stories at the end, which help explain things, and make me realize the micro piece is really OK. Although I'd want longer. That's just a matter of taste...
... as are these stories. When Detzner says that "Super Jesus" has no redeeming value, he's right. But, guilty as I am, it was probably my favorite, next to "Another Saturday Night." As a connoisseur of strange and weird things, this was a very nice foray into that territory. Though not totally bizarro, it is worth a read.
So, while this is not a tome of powerful literature, it is good and a quick, fun read. As mentioned before, some of the stories feel like shells (darn good shells, mind you), but slightly empty or lacking.
If you are into short stories, I definitely recommend this.
Please add a description for Amazon. When I wrote this, the title was misspelled, "Scarce Resoures" and it is being fixed I am told.
I was given a copy of this for review.
3.45 stars

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